Project: Sheet-metal pickling line in Asia


Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG

System description

130-metre sheet-metal pickling line with sandblasting
Metal plate thickness: 6-90mm
Metal plate width: 1000-3000mm
Metal plate length: 3000-12000mm
Maximum individual weight: 10 tons
Materials: stainless steel, titanium, nickel

Our delivery package
  • Development, design and production of:
    o Loading table; 14m long, plates tilt to 83°
    o Roller conveyors for vertical movement of the metal plates
    o Removal table 1 after sandblaster; tilt back to 0° for removal of plates
    o Inspection roller conveyors after pickling area
    o Removal table 2 at end of line, tilt back to 0° for removal of the plates
    o 3 hydraulic systems and valve stands with pressure and flow-through controls
  • Acid-resistant surface treatments
  • 80-ton load packed for ocean shipment in 5 containers
  • Documentation and assembly instructions/guidance
  • Start of operations and final acceptance with Steuler on location at end customer's production facility
Project timing

Order to ship-loading: 6 months
Start of assembly to full operation: 7 months

Completed sheetmetal pickling line on location

First assembly

Function testing at Kunz workshop

Hydraulic system and valve stands

Start of operation - on location in Asia